Comparison Of Top Poker Sites And How Poker Testing Is Done

You will find that some poker websites are highly rated while others are not. And when you come across a site which does not have good ratings, you will automatically choose to go to another. This is because no player wants to be stuck playing in a site with poor quality software, limited game selections, and delayed payouts. But how can you be sure which sites to trust and which to avoid?

Comparison of top poker websites:

There are some ways to compare top poker sites before you start depositing money and start playing. For this, you need to figure out which features matter the most to you. The differences amongst poker sites are usually rather subtle because poker is a standardized game. Your job is to see how certain poker rooms implement the features.

  • Software: The biggest difference when comparing top poker sites will be in the quality of software they use. While some poker sites use top-of-the-line, latest software that is superior in terms of stability and usability, others focus more on incorporating high-end graphics and special features. Some poker sites run software that is poorly-coded and the players’ performances can get affected because of sticky buttons and latency. This is a downside when you do not have much patience or if you want multi-tabling features. Sites like 888Poker has recently introduced the Poker Cam where you can install your avatar as a live cam feed. The main consideration when choosing a poker room is whether the software will work on your computer. This is not usually a problem if you have Windows installed but may be an issue for Mac users.
  • Offers: Another factor for comparing poker sites is promotional offers and bonuses they provide. A common example is first deposit bonus which is a reward provided to a player when makes his first deposit at the site. Usually, you will be given 50%-200% on your deposit value and the amount is more when your deposit is more. Another popular feature is the reload bonus where you get rewards for making deposits more than the first one. Besides, you should check out freeroll tournaments, competitions, and VIP schemes, etc. For cryptocurrency users, casinos are offering special bonuses. BTC gambling bonuses have become popular as many cryptocurrency users are actively indulging in gambling. Casinos are bringing more offers to attract crypto users.
  • Game collection: Some poker websites get more traffic than the others because of their varieties of poker games. When you prefer playing the less-popular types of poker, you should look for a site with high traffic. If you choose a site in a hurry, chances are you will be sitting at empty tables. When it comes to casinos, the popularity of games can vary widely, just like with different poker variants. According to analytics insight, Choosing Non GamStop casino ensures that all sorts of players find a diverse selection of games and have an enjoyable experience.
  • Fish-to-Regular Ratio: Figuring out which websites have tough tables and which have soft tables is difficult. To know better, you can take a peek into a poker room and watch the games for a while. This gives you an idea of the player pool. When you see that tables are mostly filled with aggressive players it means that the site has tough tables. If you find more passive players at the tables, it is likely you have stumbled upon a goldmine.

So, you can compare the better-known poker rooms to choose one with features that appeal to you, but there is no one site that can be regarded as the best poker site for everyone.